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Uncover your hidden talents - A central part of the Colourtrend philosophy is to enable you to make the most of your innate design talents.  It’s up to you and the way you choose to paint, with passion.

Colour is all around us – in every part of our lives, whether it is at home or our workplace.  Colour can change our mood and dramatically change the space we live in.  Our choice of colour says a lot about who we are and how we feel - it's a reflection of our individual personalities.

We long for golden sunsets, we stop for red warning signs and we even suffer occasionally from “the blues” and we totally trust our little black dress. This amazing world of ours wraps every one of us in a myriad of colours every day with each colour evoking a different response. But how and why do we respond the way we do to colour? 

Colour is energy and the fact that it has a physical effect on us has been proved time and time again. Scientifically, it's the first thing we register when we are looking at something - take for example our reactions when we find a fly in our kitchen:  if it is black or navy we will find it a minor irritation - but if it’s got yellow stripes our reaction is very different - most of us will recoil, and some will even run away!

On a wider level, the colours of our environment affect our behaviour and moods.   Think how alive we feel when we see the first signs of spring - beautiful yellow daffodils, bluebells and multi-coloured crocuses compared to our natural instinct to hibernate when the skies turn grey and threaten rain.

We at Colourtrend live our lives in colour and we know you do the same. Every space within your life can be painted in a shade that best represents you and the feelings you want to evoke.  Let us help you put some colour in your life and bring some of our passion for paint into your home and workplace.


Red arouses stronger emotions than any other colour. Recognised as a stimulant, red is inherently exciting and the strength of colour is directly related to the level of energy we feel.  Red commands attention and a good use of red as an accent shade can immediately focus awareness onto a particular element within a room.

When we here at Colourtrend want to increase our enthusiasm, stimulate our energy levels, and encourage our confidence - red is our go to colour.  It’s also great for making us feel protected from fears and anxiety

What else does red do?  Red evokes romanticism, passion, love, desire.

Red talks of triumph, alertness, speed, movement. Red exudes charm, eccentricity, strength. Red shows you are a person of warmth, ambition, intensity and joviality.

Bring a little Colourtrend red into your life with Dining Room Red from our Contemporary Colour Collection to stimulate appetites and get the conversation flowing in your dining room?

Or use Kimono from the Colourtrend Historic Collection as a feature wall in your lounge to create a feeling a warmth and security wrapped up with a touch of love.

To recreate this look in your home we recommend using Dining Room Red from the Contemporary Collection


Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow will advance from surrounding colours and instil optimism and energy as well as sparking creative thought.

At Colourtrend, we recommend yellow for mental stimulation, to activate memory and encourage communication.  It’s great for creating feelings of joy, energy, confidence, imagination and optimism.  Yellow sings of playfulness, spontaneity, light, laughter and communication.  Yellow inspires intuition, innovation, aspiration and warmth. 

Why not try using Victoriana from the Colourtrend Historic Collection in a breakfast room to start you day with a sense of happiness and inspiration?

Or how about Penthouse Living from the Contemporary Collection in your newborn’s room to create a delicate feeling of warmth and joy?

To recreate this look in your home, we recommend using Penthouse Living from the Interior Collection


Orange, a close relative of red sparks more controversy than any other hue.   People nearly always have a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ reaction to orange!  Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy.  Interestingly, some orange tones such as peaches and terracotta have proved very popular over the last number of years and still have plenty of loyal fans!

At Colourtrend, we know orange stimulates our appetites and our desire to be active.  Orange encourages us to be social and generous too!  A Colourtrend orange can be used to suggest charisma, encouragement, motivation, excitement, health and fitness.  Orange says you are person of assurance, independence, ambition, action, and success.

We recommend Squeeze from the Colourtrend Contemporary Colour Collection on a feature wall in your teenager’s bedroom to help inspire ambition and determination while retaining a feeling of warmth and security.

To recreate this look in your home, we recommend using Squeeze from the Contemporary Collection


Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than any other colour.  Green represents the natural outdoor world we love so much - this makes it the ideal background for interiors as we are all so used to seeing it.

Natural greens such as forest shades and limes are seen as tranquil and refreshing with a balance of cool and warm tones. Green is considered the colour of peace and ecology.

At Colourtrend, we use green to soothe and relax us mentally and physically.  It helps us alleviate feelings of nervousness and anxiety and creates a sense of renewal, self control and harmony within us.

Use Aged Vellum from Colourtrend’s Contemporary Colour Collection in your reading room or study to create a warm, calming feeling enabling you to relax while surrounded by the best colour for aiding wisdom and gaining knowledge.  Jade Trinket from the Colourtrend Historic Collection in your conservatory will put you at one with nature, air and growth while relaxing and unwinding.  Silk Seal and Winter’s Breath from the Contemporary Collection will bring calm reassurance and a sense of cleanliness to surgeries and waiting rooms.

To recreate this look in your home, we recommend using Silk Seal from the Contemporary Collection


Blue seems to be nearly everyone’s “favourite colour”!   It is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed.  The colour of the sky and the ocean, blue is a constant in our lives.   It’s the collective colour of the spirit, invoking rest and can even cause the body to produce chemicals that are naturally calming. However, not all blues are serene and sedate. Electric or brilliant blues become dynamic and dramatic: engaging colours that express exhilaration.

Use Colourtrend blues to bring calm into your life and aid your intuition, allowing you to relax, contemplate and reflect.

Blue conjures up feelings of harmony, intelligence, sincerity, and reliability.  Blue is the colour of cleanliness but also of peace, honesty and virtue.  Blue speaks of tradition, loyalty and compassion.

Apply Priory Wall  from the Colourtrend Historic Collection on a feature wall in your bedroom to create feelings of space, calm, and peace.

Or what about Beade, from the Colourtrend Contemporary Colour Collection in your bathroom for a feeling of cleanliness and order, while retaining an atmosphere of serenity and calm for bath time!

To recreate this look in your home, we recommend using Beade from the Contemporary Collection


Purple truly is the balance of red stimulation and blue calm wrapped up in a long history of luxury. Purple creates a sense of mystique and regal associations as it has always been a favourite of wealthy hierarchy and royalty. Purple is a colour often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and has long been a firm favourite with teenage girls!

At Colourtrend we use purple to uplift us while calming our nerves and our mind, and to evoke a sense of spirituality while encouraging our creative side.

Purple evokes extravagance, royalty, wealth, meditation, style, creativity, reflection and luxury. Purple provides enchantment, richness, majesty, magic, and splendour.

To bring a feeling of beauty, luxury and style to a teenage girl’s bedroom, why not try Luscious Rush from the Contemporary Collection?

Grafton Port from Colourtrend’s Historic Collection can be used on a feature wall or painted alcoves in a sitting room to bring a feeling of sophistication, richness and luxury to everyday living as well as those special occasions.

To recreate this look in your home, we recommend using Luscious Rush from the Contemporary Collection