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Colour Schemes

Whatever your style, we have the colour to inspire you.

Our sophisticated selection of colours has been carefully chosen with colour comfort in mind. Combine these colours to create an ambiance and atmosphere in your home for whatever style is you.

Don't forget that you can call into any Colourtrend store for a free colour consultation with our trained colour experts. Feel free to bring your photos or fabric samples to help them choose the perfect scheme for your next decorating project.


To recreate this classical look in your home we suggest you use Treacle Pudding on the walls and Milk Teeth on the woodwork, both from the Historic Collection

The colour palette common to classical interior design takes its cue from the empire periods of history where colour choices were often inspired by nature. Consider various yellows, blues, greens, browns as well as softer, muted hues like terracotta's, greys and pinks. Adding some black as an accent within a well-planned design scheme can also enhance the classical feel.

Here are some suggested palettes for a classically themed home:


To recreate this contemporary look in your home, we suggest you use: Walls Sutble from the Contemporary Collection in Interior Matt finish

Black, whites and other neutral tones tend to dominate the contemporary style scene, but you can without doubt add some colour to well-planned, accent features and accessories to provide dramatic punches of colour throughout the space. Large blocks of colour placed against a neutral background can firmly establish a contemporary feel while still adding points of interest.

Here are some suggested palettes for a contemporary themed home:


To recreate this vintage look in your home, we suggest you use: Walls Boathouse White & Woodwork Wedding Bouquet from the Historic Collection

Your colour palette can vary widely, but creating a vintage inspired home takes most of its ideas from the surrounding landscape. That's why this theme mainly focuses on colour schemes centred on greens, blues, beiges and whites.

Here are some suggested palettes for a vintage themed home:


To recreate this dramatic look in your home, we suggest you use: Walls Dressage from the Contemporary Collection in Interior Matt finish

The colour palette that would be common to the dramatic style is full of bright, bold, vivid colours that are bouncing with life. As these colours can be quite strong it sometimes might be a good option to use them in only a small space in the room such as alcoves or behind shelves. This can allow your furniture and ornaments be the theatrical pieces and be bold and beautiful.

Here are some suggested palettes for a dramatic themed home:


To recreate this eclectic look in your home, this ombre style can be achieved using colours from the Contemporary Collection. Woodwork: starting with Subtle and working down the palette to Prestige, with Torc handles.  Walls: starting with Elfin and working down the palette to Mussel.

Wall colour for the eclectic interior really doesn't own a specific palette of its own. The best way of deciding on your colours for this style of interior is to look at all of your belongings such as pieces of art, ornaments, furniture and fabric that you plan to use in the space and decide your colours based on this. Remember when choosing colour for an eclectic style there are no rules, the palette can be as subtle or as strong as you so wish.

Here are some suggested palettes for an eclectic themed home: