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It is time to put a creative spin on these recessionary times by revamping old furniture and flea market treasures and rediscovering their individuality and self-expression. There are so many decorating ideas to choose from that with the help of Colourtrend paint you can breathe new life in tired rooms and worn furniture to create a home that is individual to you and your style.


The largest part of any home of decorating project is your walls - they take up the most space but they are the simplest way to transform any decorating scheme without the expense of changing all your fittings and furniture.

You can choose new colours that complement your current furnishing which can transform a whole look to something completely new!

Why not have a look at all the other things that can be updated with just a touch of paint - have you ever thought about painting your ceiling? Changing the colour of your ceiling can be dramatic but depending on the style of room and the amount of light it gets, changing the ceiling can offer a completely different dimension to your room.

Painting furniture is another simple and effective way of updating a room - you can choose a new trend colour to make your furniture pop. Or update an older, tired piece with some new neutral tones. Don't forget about painting wardrobes or fitted cabinets - it can give them a whole new lease of life.

Change from the traditional  - you can move away from the tradition of painting all your woodwork (skirting boards and doors) in a classic brilliant white gloss to either the same colour as your walls for a contemporary look or go for a darker wood colour with lighter walls for a modern feel. Dark feature walls work really well with a contrasting wood colour, so the only limit is your imagination!

Left: Painted furniture - Dressage from the Contemporary Collection in Satin finish. Right: Painted Ceiling (&Walls) Silver Moonlight from the Contemporary Collection in Interior Matt


Panelling has recently become a very desirable technique: it’s beautiful but practical at the same time.  There is a wide variety of panelling available including “tongue and groove” panelling for a more relaxed look and real wood panelling for a more classical or formal setting.

You can use any of our wide range of colours on your panelling – we recommend our Colourtrend Satin finish or - for an older type feel - why not try Colourtrend Eggshell finish.   To give a country look to a bathroom, you could use “tongue and groove” panelling painted with Arctic Blonde in Satin finish from our ContemporaryColour Collection. 


Stencilling is created by cutting a pattern out of card, or special stencil paper.

Once your pattern is created the stencil is then held up to the wall and paint is then gently almost stamped on with a stencil brush.  Remember; DON’T put too much paint on your brush! It will cause your finished stencilled area to be blotchy and the edges will bleed through with the excess paint.

Custom colouring by artist


This can be quite a difficult and time-consuming paint effect. However, there are so many ways of creating stripes and checks that it really is the one effect that has something to offer everyone!

For a classical theme, thin straight regency stripes can be created using half-inch masking tape.  Or what about trying playful stripes in a child’s bedroom? Just tie some string roughly onto a foam roller and apply loosely onto the wall

Thick stripes using different colours in Colourtrend Interior Matt or Soft Sheen give a dramatic look to an interior scheme while a check pattern that's painted onto a side-table top using Colourtrend Satinwood would look great in a country interior theme.


Colour washing is one of the best known paint techniques. It creates an uneven and highly-textured appearance which makes it ideal for more relaxed styles such as the country or vintage look. Several colours can be used to colourwash - it really is a matter of experimenting.


To colour wash walls, take a large paintbrush and lightly brush on your top coat using criss-cross actions. Then, take another brush and lightly brush out the edges of your original strokes. This creates a kind of smoky effect and can be done using several different shades throughout the space. Take care to allow appropriate drying time between coats - Colourtrend Interior Matt and Soft Sheen take approximately 4-6 hours to dry depending on conditions.

You can colour wash your furniture in the same way.

Colour Washing: Fleur Jolie from the Historic
Collection in Inteiror Matt and Penthouse Living
from the Contemporary Collection in Interior Matt