December 16, 2016

Go Wild with Colour

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Regina Rogers Fallon


Adventures await in an in-door tree-house-inspired bedroom created by Regina Rogers Fallon. Regina is famous for painting absolutely everything - and she does not disappoint with this roomset, breaking all the rules and employing her limitless imagination to create a wonderland any child would love to escape to.


‘The inspiration really was just colour…I just wanted to deliver something completely different, and get people to see…that they should step out of their comfort zone a little bit.’ Using the textile on the bed as a starting point, Regina selected five different Colourtrend paint colours to create a vibrant, rambunctious colour scheme that’s all about play. ‘If you looked at the five pots of paint together, most people would say…they wouldn’t go together…they wouldn’t sit with ease. They all have similar tones and I just believed that it would work.’


The oak flooring on both the floor and wall, as well as the armchair, have all been painted in Colourtrend’s ‘Tropical Heat 1082’ a red orange that is easy-going and not too overpowering, while Colourtrend’s chartreuse green ‘Rain Boots 0802’ covers the other wall and the tree-shaped bookshelves. The headboard and bedside lockers are painted in Colourtrend’s ‘Lava Lamp 1033’ a cheery orange that complements the red of the walls and bed while distinctly standing out. The blanket chest is singularly striking in Colourtrend’s ‘Billowing Smoke 0583’ matching the grey tones of the textiles. Not content to leave out the lovely blue colour from the bedspread, Regina painted the wardrobe in Colourtrend’s ‘Indian Necklace 0695’ and was not afraid to use each and every colour in the hand-cut 3D poster board leaves ‘blowing’ across the wall.


When designing a room for your own child, Regina encourages us to ‘be adventurous, have fun…everything in this room was either cream or white when I bought them. The only design element in here is colour.’ How easy is that?



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November 03, 2016

Bring the Outdoors In

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Louise Higgins of Aspire Design & Perfect Headboards

It’s a day at the seaside in this gorgeous Hamptons-inspired bedroom from Louise Higgins of Aspire Design & Perfect Headboards. Ideal for your own private retreat, Louise brings escapism and all the style of coastal living to this classic roomset: ‘I wanted to create a room that was tranquil and relaxing…drawing on elements from nature’.

By choosing colours that embody each element in nature, Louise creates a beachy landscape indoors: sand-coloured carpet and furnishings give rise to Colourtrend’s ocean blue ‘Holly Blue’ in Colourtrend Eggshell finish on the baseboards and the radiator cover from Brendan Lawlor, to symbolise the sea. A vast expanse of sky is represented perfectly by using Colourtrend’s light blue ‘Beade’ in Ceramic Matt finish on the walls. Not usually one for up-cycling, Louise couldn’t resist the opportunity to dip the legs of her bedside lockers in Colourtrend’s ‘Holly Blue’ to match the skirting board and radiator cover, giving the room a truly cohesive look.

In addition to creating a naturalistic scene, the colours she’s chosen are ideal for relaxation, either curled up with a good book, or getting some quality shut-eye. ‘Take your time choosing your paint,’ Louise advises. ‘Once you’ve decided on your paint colour, keep a sample swatch of the paint colour in your bag’ to help you coordinate your furniture and accessories perfectly with the colour you’ve chosen. The main piece of furniture in this room is the bed, crowned with a beautiful tan-coloured tufted upholstered headboard, a brand-new design from Louise’s company Perfect Headboards. It is certainly the focal point of the room, and complements the natural wood light fixtures throughout. Louise adds to the the coastal theme with a portal-like mirror and other nautical elements dotted around the room, and throw pillows, featuring birds and pussy willows, complete this lovely, airy space.

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