October 20, 2016
by Colourtrend

We'd love to see you

Want to be inspired?  Feel like a fresh look?  Just feel like a day out browsing for interior ideas?  

We’d love to see you at our Design Forum at the Ideal Home Show this bank holiday.

Eight Irish interior designers will showcase their inspirational and individual room sets.  From a kitchen bursting with colour, to a meditative zen den and to a restful children’s room with a reading nook and everything in between – there’s lots to see and we’d love to see you!

All the designers will be happy to chat to you about any decorating projects or ideas you have, and we’ll be there in the centre of the forum too!

Wait there’s more!  On Friday at 3pm and Saturday at 2pm, our very own Orla Kelly will be at the Irish Times Design Theatre talking about the transformative power of colour in our lives and our homes!  If you want to find out about how to bring a little (or a lot!) more colour into your life – this is the talk to catch!

So, see what colour and design can do you for and we’ll see you there!

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September 29, 2016

Fine Dining Fun

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Aneta Sasin of Kaizen Interior Design

Every family meal is as fun as a tea party in this ultra-modern ‘glam-ily’ dining room designed by Aneta Sasin of Kaizen Interior Design. Inspired by the multicoloured hanging light she bought on a family holiday, Aneta creates a vibrant room that’s both peppy and proper: ‘I wanted to show how important it is to meet together at the dining table…to talk to each other, and by using bright colours I wanted to attract children to that table as well.’

Excited by Colourtrend’s new colour palette, Aneta uses five different Colourtrend paint colours in various finishes to achieve the final product, and completes the space with a painting by her friend, which she commissioned to incorporate all the colours in her eclectic colour scheme. On the walls, Aneta chooses Colourtrend’s ‘Grey Wolf’ in interior matt finish, with a bold stripe of Colourtrend’s ‘Torc’ in interior matt finish to highlight the artwork hung around the room. ‘I couldn’t wait to use new ‘Grey Wolf’ on my wall, but I also wanted to add a little bit of sun…by using new colour ‘Torc’ I could achieve that effect…creating this happy mood in my room.’ Aneta also makes the furniture her own, using ‘Torc’ in a gloss finish on the sideboard and ‘Milk White’ in Satinwood finish for her dining table and chairs. The skirting boards, painted ‘Artic Blonde’ in a satinwood finish, draw your eye down to grey multi-shade flooring that’s both funky and fresh. 

Aneta urges us to display all the things we love in our dining rooms, including ‘the art that inspires you…to create a room for the whole family.’ Remembering that our families are the most important part of our lives, Aneta proposes we use our best dining set everyday. What a perfect way to make every teatime a special occasion.

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