September 06, 2016

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Form and function are equally important in this stylish home office designed by Catherine Murphy of Re-Interiors. With rental prices skyrocketing, and technology allowing you to work from anywhere, creating a professional workspace in your home is an ideal solution. By adding a raised platform, Catherine makes the most of a small space. The work zone is on the upper level ‘and then on the lower zone…the place where you’d bring guests, or clients, to show them your work.’ However, as handy as it is to work from home, giving up a guest bedroom restricts your flexibility to have guests stay over; not to worry - Catherine has cleverly hidden a pullout bed under the platform, so you don’t have to choose.


The colours she’s selected for the room are also doing double duty. Matching the highlight colours of yellow and teal from her father’s midcentury architectural drawings, Catherine takes both of the room’s functions into account. On the main wall behind the desk, Catherine uses Colourtrend’s ‘Frozen Stream 0669’, a warm blue that’s ideal for inspiration and focus at work, but also has a calming effect for relaxing before bedtime. Likewise, Colourtrend’s ‘Torc’ from their Contemporary Colour Collection, which she’s painted her chest of drawers using a satin finish, is a sunny goldenrod for daytime but also matches the warm incandescent light fixtures and glowing globe light for a cosy feeling at night. Colourtrend’s ‘White Kitten 0022’ on the wall of the reception area is neutral enough that it draws your attention straight to her prized architectural drawings, but its warm tone is still in keeping with the office’s cosy and relaxed feel.


When painting, Catherine advises us that: ‘Everything you need to know is on the tin of the Colourtrend paints, and if you read them you won’t go wrong.’ Overall, this room design not only solves a pricey problem, it leaves you spoiled for choice.


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August 12, 2016


Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Jackie Carton of Style my Room

Deep colours and bright lights, sharp edges and plush fabrics - it’s all about bringing opposites into harmony in this sophisticated midcentury-inspired sitting room designed by Jackie Carton of Style my Room. By converging colours, textures and materials, Jackie composes a roomset that is both relaxing and refined. Inspired by the ocean-like rich blues and greens from Colourtrend’s 2016 palette, Jackie plays with symmetry and organic and manmade forms, finishing the look with subtle aquatic-themed touches. ‘I’m trying to show that you don’t have to use a lot of a dark colour or a strong colour, you can just use a panel of it, or a small amount of it, and create that visual interest in the room,’ Jackie explains. 

Contrasting feature panels serve to highlight key pieces while holding their own as attractions themselves. Jackie uses Colourtrend’s soft blue grey ‘Beacon Fog’ in Matt finish for the main walls to set the atmosphere, which keeps the room from becoming too dark. On the feature panel behind the sofa, she chooses Colourtrend’s deep turquoise ‘Petrol’ in a gloss finish and the other panel is painted in Colourtrend’s rich grey blue ‘Mussel’ to highlight her bespoke asymmetrical concrete fireplace created by Concar Designs. Jackie designed and commissioned both the fireplace and the coffee table specifically for this room set: ‘I was inspired by the fact we’ve so many different sorts of suppliers and tradesmen that can make so many different things and I wanted to…showcase all those in one room that described all their skills at once.’ 

When designing your own sitting room, Jackie advises us on the benefits of working with an interior designer: ‘you can have something really different if you have a designer’s involvement…we have the backup people behind us to make something really unusual.’  This room set is definitely proof of that!

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