July 22, 2016


Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interiors

Forget the man cave - this feminine room is a bright haven away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday.  Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interiors had a stroke of inspiration when designing this gorgeous room: ‘My initial thought was to do a man cave…and I just decided to flip it all on its head and keep it all bright and airy…lovely bright blush pinks, florals, and keep it really girly.’ With soft grey furnishings, glass tables and proper brass accents, this room has all the trimmings you’d expect in a high-end cocktail bar – but can be achieved within the confines of your own home. 

To create a cohesive space, Ciara keeps the colour consistent from ceiling right down to the skirting boards across the entire room, using Colourtrend’s bubblegum-coloured ‘Fantastic Pink 0076’. Both of the walls are painted in Interior Matt finish, and the cocktail bar unit is painted in Eggshell finish. ‘I painted the bar the same as the walls because I wanted it to blend in…and make the room feel bigger, more spacious.’ She goes a step further to tie in the cocktail unit by framing the adjoining wall with moulding, giving the perception of wood panelling and making both features feel like one bespoke installation. The mirror on the bar also gives the illusion of more space, not only creating a window-like effect, but serving to bounce light back into the room, making it feel even bigger and brighter.   

When selecting paint for your own room, Ciara recommends we ‘really think about the use of the space.’ If you’re planning on re-vamping your sitting room any time soon, you might just follow Ciara’s lead and put in your own cocktail cove, the perfect place to break open the bubbly and get away from it all. 

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June 27, 2016

Contemporary Luxe

Colourtrend Interior Design Forum interview with Emma Cooling of Ventura Design

Stepping into this room set, you can imagine a 1930’s Hollywood starlet being quite at home here, powdering her nose in front of the huge sunburst mirror. Sumptuous textiles, dark wood and art deco geometry give the bedroom a decadent feel, while the thoroughly modern stripes on the walls and the contemporary glass bubble light fixtures are a surprising contrast to an otherwise classic style.

‘We were inspired by Asian influences,’ Emma Cooling of Ventura Design explains, noting the black lacquer bedside lockers and vanity with brass detailing. Intricately patterned gold and white porcelain sits exquisitely on surfaces around the room. The dark wood flooring laid on a diagonal also adds to the Asian vibe, however it’s not all strictly eastern themed. ‘We wanted it to be a calm and restful room, and we used the colours “Smokey Tone (0541)” and “Arctic Blonde” from Colourtrend to create that…and we used playful stripes to make it a bit funky.’

Colour is always key in maintaining the consistency of a concept. In this room textiles are mixed and matched with aplomb; the curves of the patterns juxtaposed with the linear nature of the surrounding features work well together. ‘Pops of jewel tones’ are present throughout as well, and the turquoise cushions unify the bespoke end-of-bed bench and stool with the rest of the room.

‘Some advice if you’re doing up your bedroom, is not to overlook seating,’ Emma cautions. ‘As well as being a restful room, it’s a functional room. So, maybe put a nice chair or an end of bed bench, as a great way of punctuating the bed and giving you an extra area to sit.’ Especially useful when you’re pulling on your heels and putting on a coat of red lipstick before heading out to your film premiere.




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